For My Grandsons

In The Hope That They Might Learn From My Experiences

Hello, and thank you for visiting my website. My name is John. I am a grandfather of six boys and a girl in the United States. I am getting older now, and I have developed some small pride in that I have managed to progress from living on the support of others in my early years to paying my own way and helping support others throughout my adult life.

I grew up as an only child of separated parents. Until I was seven years old, my Mother’s and my income was from Aid to Dependent Children, a government welfare program. In my day, government aid ended at that birthday and it was time to get a key to the apartment and learn to heat up canned food when you were hungry. On my twenty-first birthday, I realized that I had finally reached the milestone where my years of life had matched the number of addresses where I had lived. My Mother, God bless her, who would have given her life for me, was engrossed in keeping food on the table and a roof over our heads. My Father, who had a profound fear of responsibility, departed when I was two weeks old and only returned on rare occasions when he wanted something. As a result, I learned a lot from trial and error, and from exploring the streets. If you are a young man who has recently fathered a child you would rather not take care of, you will not find much sympathy here. However, I will do my best to help you find a way to be a decent Father to your child.

It has been far from a terrible life. I live in a wonderful country where we all have an opportunity to advance ourselves. I have never suffered from chronic hunger or needless endemic diseases like billions of others have. I was fortunate to have met and been befriended by some wonderful people who helped me understand human nature, society, etiquette, work ethic, morals and ethics which my Mother was too busy, and my Father too absent, to help me with. I suppose my Father’s absence was probably a blessing, as he didn’t know how to take care of himself, much less a child. But, I have many sad memories of fears, doubts and feelings of alienation that resulted from my uncertainty and ignorance. It is my intention to record my experiences and suggestions within this website, in the hopes that my Grandsons, and anyone else who cares to, may be able to avoid some of the mistakes that I have made, and perhaps better appreciate their own worth. And there is something else... Bruce Springstein, one of my favorite artists, wrote a song about glory days. My glory days have not passed under the bridge, my glory days are today and tomorrow.

To Dos

Here are some things that I think one should do in life To Dos.

Not To Dos

Here are some things I suggest that you not do Not To Dos.

Good Things

Here are some things I think are good Good Things.

Bad Things

Here are some things I think are bad Bad Things.


I do not know much about girls, but I do know more now than I did fifty years ago Girls.


Hopefully I know a little bit more about boys Boys.


Some of us rise up to their higher potential. Here are a few words from some of them that I enjoy Quotes.


Never talk about religion or politics, unless others can't talk back Politics.


My simple and uneducated economic concepts Economics.

People I Admire

People Whom I Admire Exceptional People.


Things I have noticed that make me think Observations.

Life Lessons

Hopefully we can learn something from our mistakes Life Lessons.

Art and Literature

Read and and listen to the thoughts and experiences of others. Crucial to how we grow, enjoy our lives and perceive the world around us. Art and Literature.

Will I Go To Heaven?

Will I Go To Heaven. Will I Go To Heaven?.

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