For My Grandsons

Life Lessons - Avoid Making The Same Mistakes Again

This is one that happens just infrequently enough to forget how costly it can be. My son-in-law bought a used car from his co-worker. It needed some work, so he paid for it first, fixed it, then took it to the DMV. His co-worker had given him the title, which was in the name of the original finance company, which happened to be one that had subsequently merged with another bank. The DMV would not accept the title because it was not in the sellers name, and was not signed off by the lein holder. Now, he has to fight his way through a long and uncertain process of tracking down someone at the bank who can provide certification for the DMV that the title is clear. IF YOU BUY A VEHICLE FROM A PRIVATE PARTY, MAKE THEM GO WITH YOU TO REGISTER IT. Just that simple. Do not give them the money until the DMV has told you that the title is clear. There are too many nasty surprises possible if you trade your money for a slip of paper. Dumb mistakes can happen, or worse. People are plenty good at counterfeiting money. They can just as easily forge car titles. If you are going to enter into a sales agreement where you give up your money without getting a proven clear title in exchange, you had better know the person awfully well, and have some leverage behind you in case you run into problems registering or titling the car.

DO NOT EVER BUY A CAR THAT DOES NOT PASS A SMOG CHECK, or doesn't run well. People who want your money will tell you that it just needs a tuneup. If it just needed a tuneup, they would have gotten it tuned up so they could sell it for more money. They are looking for a sucker. Do not be that sucker.

It is easier to work a job than to beg and borrow for your survival.

Keep a scale in the house, and weigh yourself every week. You do not need expensive, trendy diets to keep your weight at a healthy level, you need to pay attention to your weight and respond by reducing caloric intake and increasing exercise when it exceeds a healty level.

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