For My Grandsons

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The man who would not be king George Washington.

A man who many consider the greatest US president Abraham Lincoln.

The president who reigned in capitalism and spawned an American Empire Theodore Roosevelt.

One of the principal designers of the United States Thomas Jefferson.

I think the circumstances under which Grant wrote his memoirs are as telling as the memoir itself Personal Memoirs of Ulysses Grant.

Bravery often does not involve violence, as the story of Martin Luther shows Martin Luther.

Though the deck was stacked against her, she always found a way to win Elizabeth Tudor.

Who has ever rivaled him? The benchmark for military leaders for 2,500 years Alexander.

Born a slave, he became one of the most important men of his times Frederick Douglas.

The iconic soldier of the United States Army, and, for a time, Emperor of the Pacific Douglas MacArthur.

Never have so many owed someone so much Winston Churchill.

Custom video game controllers and accessories JRL Remotes.

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