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I am a dedicated middle of the roader. If I had a few billion dollars laying around, I would start a new centerist political party. Like many people, I am disappointed by the amount of time American senators and representatives spend thwarting legislation for political advantage, regardless of the benefit or liability to the voters, and mud slinging at their opponents instead of stating their own accomplishments and plans. I believe that the wealth of nations depends on the work ethic of their citizens, and that all mature nations live not on their stored treasure, but on the paychecks of the people. I also believe that people in need should be helped by those experiencing times of plenty, but should also be given the opportunity to work and learn at the same time. I think that if everyone waits around for the rich to pay their way, the nation will crumble, but also that the nation must help those who are down to get back on their feet.

Not sure what the United States Constitution says? Here it is United States Constitution

High school graduates, and non-graduates eighteen or older, should have a mandatory year of public service. Either in the military, or in a civilian organization where they perform useful work. These organizations would provide food, shelter and nominal salaries, along with training and leadership. The primary purpose being to teach these young adults personal responsibility, workplace etiquitte and citizenship skills; the secondary purpose being to perform the public service tasks.

We need to treat drug addicts and the mentally ill, as inpatients where necessary. We can't just put them out on the streets or bus them to other states. Those chronically drug dependent or otherwise unable to get jobs in the private sector might be also be employed doing public service work in exchange for food and shelter, as their capabilities allowed.

Reapportionment should be overseen by non-elected officials. Perhaps the Judiciary. California has recently implemented a process where appointed officials, who were selected from thousands of applicants, will now oversee redrawing future political boundaries. It will be interesting to see how well they do. Unfortunately, the process only takes place every ten years. I would take it a leap further. Computing power has sufficiently evolved to the point where we could draw district lines around actual populations, transportation systems and geologic features. This could be accomplished by associating populations with map coordinates, similar to what gps and mapping systems are already doing. Well designed computer generated districts would eliminate the possiblilty of Gerrymandering.

Those who have power want peace and stability. Those who crave power want discord and instability.

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